Needless to say, magic shows are on hold for the duration of this coronavirus crisis. I am following all recommended guidelines by self quarantining until further notice. Obviously, this makes doing magic shows difficult, as it makes doing business for so many other individuals so very, very difficult. Fortunately, I am a position where I can self-quarantine without undue hardship or sacrifice, so I can be assured of remaining 100% healthy when this crisis finally passes. When people feel safe once again, I hope to be able to resume doing magic shows as everyone resumes their normal day-to-day activities. I hope all my past and future customers likewise stay safe, and I hope to see you at a future magic show!

Two shows today

I had two shows today. One was held at the Schererville Community Center. I complemented the hostess on the decoration of the room, which was one of the most beautifully decorated rooms I have seen, with balloons and streamers stretching to the ceiling like garlands on a maypole. It was lovely. The second show was in the conference room of the Hilton Garden Inn in Merrillville. I could tell that the kids were ready for a good time by the boisterousness of the crowd when I arrived! It was a good day of shows

70th Birthday Party show

I had a great time doing a show recently at Sand Creek Country Club in Chesterton Indiana for a 70th birthday party (here's a secret: it was really for the kids!)

This was a wonderful way to keep the kids occupied while the grown-ups could celebrate moms birthday. Afterwards, I did balloon animals for all the children, which was an even better filler.

It may have been slightly past some of the kids bedtime by the end, but it kept them occupied so that everyone could have a good time!

I have another show coming up for the kids at a senior's birthday party. This can be a great option if you are expecting a lot of kids at the party of a loved one.

Back To Magishing!

Due to family issues, I regretfully had to discontinue doing magic shows over the past year. Fortunately I am now able to continue with the magic. Next comes the process of notifying Google and the other search directories that I am back in business.

Later, I would like to update this website again with a theme more compatible with my line of work, but for now, this will do. Finally, I would like to update this blog more often, because I found out there are at least a few people who actually look at it to keep up with my doings and to confirm that I am still active and doing shows!

To all my past and future customers, I want to thank you for you patronage and I hope to continue serving you in the future!

Birthday Party Yesterday in Schererville Indiana

I had a great birthday party show yesterday in Schererville Indiana. The weather was cool and pleasant, hovering around 70 with a cool breeze, unusual for this time of year and quite a departure from July of last year!

The weather was so pleasant that the whole party could be held outside, with no concerns about needing to perform in the shade. Adult family and friends were present, with a nice awning set up outside on the driveway, plenty of picnic tables and a food buffet. This is the type of weather I love for magic shows for children!

The birthday girl was a charming six-year-old who made a great assistant for this kids entertainment. I did a custom kid’s show for this family, with the longer magic show and balloon animals for all the children. All in all, a great time was had at this children’s birthday party in Schererville Indiana.