Great birthday show in St. John Indiana this weekend

I had a great birthday show this weekend in St. John Indiana. It was a nippy day, and so all of the children were confined to the inside of the house. This can make it difficult for the parents to keep the children entertained, and this is where I come in. A lot of parents have trouble thinking of birthday activities for kids and so the thought of entertainers for higher can be a real godsend.

The St. John show was a big family event with lots of adults and other family members present. There were about 20 children, which made it a large birthday party event. Sometimes magicians for kids party can be in short supply at peak times, so I was glad I was available to lend my services.

As a kid's birthday entertainer, I enjoy helping out with events like this. I offer many kid's birthday packages and I even offer some magician birthday party supplies in the form of Goodie bags for parents to hand out to the children and to make it easier for the parents.

At this particular show in St. John Indiana, the birthday girl was seven years old and she made a great volunteer! She helped out with my “Bag of Zanzibar” and I also got assistance from another young ma whon was very eager to help to open my "Box of Confucious!"

If you’re having trouble knowing what to do for your child’s next birthday party, may I suggest you hire a magician for birthday parties? I am happy to say that, in this area, I am one of the most active magicians in Indiana.