Show for Oak Glen Elementary School in Lansing, Illinois

I had a great time as the event magician at Oak Glen Elementary School in Lansing, Illinois recently.

I did two shows, one for the kindergarten to second grade students and the other for the third grade to fifth grade students.

Both groups of kids made excellent audiences, although I was told that the third to fifth grade students were difficult and hard to please.

One of the workers at the school before the second show told me that her child was in the audience and it was his birthday and wondered if I could use him as a volunteer in one of my routines. I told her I would be happy to do so if I remembered, and fortunately, I did! (To avoid jealousy, I didn't mention to the audience the reason I took him up “on stage.” )

The show was held in the multipurpose room, which was a combination of gymnasium cafeteria and auditorium. The children sat on the floor, but this made for fine visibility. I try not to be overly picky about the circumstances I work under.

This particular gymnasium had acoustical tiles on the ceiling which helped cut down on echoes which can sometimes make the acoustics difficult, even with amplification.

There were about 200 to 300 children in each audience, which made for good reactions. I was happy to be able to use several volunteers in my act.

For my Wacky Wands routine, for example, I was able to use one volunteer in each show to hold the breakaway wands, another to hold the wands that come apart, another one to be used for the wand that turns him into a "giant rabbit," and yet another volunteer to open the magic “Box of Confucius!”

A good time was had by all, and I was out of there by the time that lunchtime preparations were about to begin!