Magic meeting in Hobart Indiana

I had fun attending the first meeting of the season of magicians tonight here in Hobart Indiana.

Although I had attended magic meetings in Hobart in the past, I was unaware that magicians were meeting here currently. Indeed, I learned that the magicians have been assembling here in Hobart Indiana at the Krull Tower on a monthly basis for over three years now!

I was impressed by the large turnout of almost 15 magicians from the Northwest Indiana area. The attendees performed a wide variety of magic effects using cards, ropes and other materials. In some cases, they even shared how to perform the effects with other attendees.

One member brought his vintage magic paraphernalia to demonstrate for the group. This included two large “head choppers” which he was happy to demonstrate on the other attendees!

If you are a sincere magic enthusiast, you’re welcome to attend the next meeting. The group has a Facebook page which I will link to as soon as I am updated.

The group meets at 7 PM the third Friday of every month (except for two months in summer) at the Krull Tower in downtown Hobart. See you there!