Children's Party Entertainment in Highland Indiana

I did a great birthday party magic show for kids on Friday, November 16 at the Lincoln Center and Highland Indiana.

This was actually a great time for magic show for kids birthday, because it got away from the standard time of Saturday or Sunday, while still being officially on the weekend. This ensured that the family could book the kids birthday party entertainer that they truly wanted.

The show was at six o’clock in the evening, which is also a good time for a birthday party for kids, as it offers the ability to combine a meal with the birthday party and ensures that all attendees schedules are open.

I arrived a little early for the show in Highland, Indiana, so I started out by making balloon animals for the kids. This was a great way of keeping the kids occupied and warming them up for the magic show. Normally, I saved the balloon animals for after the show, but since the event was dragging, this was a great opportunity to liven things up.

After the show, I made more balloons for all the children, and everybody had a great time at the child party entertainment in Highland Indiana!

Birthday Party Kid's Show In Munster Indiana

I did a birthday parties entertainment in Munster Indiana today at 2:00 PM. The children were having a great time in the basement/rec room (some would say it was a madhouse) and there was plenty of pizza and soft drinks for all involved.

This was a great opportunity for children’s birthday party entertainment. The audience consisted of mostly girls, including the birthday girl herself. My comedy and magic show went over great, and the birthday girl made a great assistant.

She asked me if she could choose the helper for the final feature trick of my act, to which I happily agreed. She was the birthday girl after all!

But then I was able to use the birthday girl in the act as well, as well as a couple of other children! Biscay plenty of children opportunity to be my helpers, including the guest of honor. In all, there were four children helping me with my feature illusion! I encourage them all to take a bow to a loud round of applause!

This turned out to be a great children’s theme party in Munster Indiana!

Great show on Nottingham Drive in Valparaiso Indiana

I am happy to be one of the local entertainers for birthday parties and to provide magician illusions for children in the Northwest Indiana area. On November 11, I did a fun show in Valparaiso Indiana for a seven-year-old and his friends.

The children were playing in the basement when I arrived giving me plenty of time to set up, although as a birthday party magician, I pride myself on being able to get ready to go in a very short amount of time, as I know that in the field of children’s birthday party entertainment, it is important to be able to set up and tear down quickly.

When the show was ready to start, I was impressed by the most orderly procession of the children following mom that I have ever seen (It turns out that she has experience as a schoolteacher)!

This was a great magic house birthday party and I was happy to be able to provide children’s birthday party entertainment for the whole family in Valparaiso Indiana.

Valparaiso Indiana Children's Party Entertainment

Many people are looking for children party entertainment, and I was happy to help out a family in Valparaiso Indiana on November 10, 2012. This was great kids birthday party entertainment with lots of comedy magic for this children’s birthday party. Many of the children were so happy with the entertainment that they wanted to give me a hug after the show. This is one of the things that makes me happy to be able to be a children’s entertainer and to do children’s party entertainment.

Outdoor Show on November 10 in Crown Point Indiana

Many people are interested in booking entertainers for children’s party activities in Northwest Indiana. I did a show for such a family on November 10 in Crown Point Indiana. I was happy to help out the family with kids holiday party ideas by providing my magic show for three-year-old Juliana and her family.

The weather was warm and pleasant on Saturday, and we were easily able to do the show outdoors in the spacious backyard. Other activities going on were a roast and a beanbag toss by members of the family. Dad set up folding chairs so that everybody could watch making a nice little outdoor “theater.” This party entertainer had a fine audience for this children’s birthday party show in Crown Point Indiana on November 10.

Belated Halloween Birthday Show In Crown Point Indiana

I had a great show on November 3 for the birthday of a 10-year-old girl and her friends in Crown Point Indiana.

Even though it was after Halloween, the show had a great Halloween theme. The entire basement was draped with black crêpe paper and turned into a regular haunted house!

You heard a scream as he approached the steps leading to the basement. There were lighted signs advertising a “vacancy” at the "Bates Motel." Downstairs, there were cobwebs, creepy music, a dancing “life-size” (if that’s a word for it) ghost and other creepy goings-on!

It turns out that the parents use the same decoration for an adult party, decided that the children should be able to have a party of their own and share in the fun. I did my regular Halloween act followed up with balloon animals for all the children and everyone had a great time in Crown Point Indiana!

Halloween in the Park event by the Griffith Parks Department

I had a great time doing my Halloween show last night under the pavilion at Central Park in Griffith, Indiana for the Griffith Parks Department.

The parks department went all out for the children as they always do with popcorn balls, drinks and other refreshments. Plus, there were huge, illuminated, inflated Halloween decorations around the pavilion–a giant witch, giant ghosts, and even a giant horse-drawn pumpkin carriage driven by the Grim Reaper himself! There was Halloween music and of course my magic show.

At first, it appeared there would be no turnout, but once the children finished trick-or-treating, they all appeared suddenly, almost as if by magic! There was a really nice turnout and I did my magic show and balloon animals for all.

The Halloween in the Park event by the Griffith Parks Department is a really great event and I recommend that you attend next year if you missed it this year!