Birthday Party Magic Show in Munster Indiana

I had a great day on Saturday. I did a birthday party show in Munster Indiana for a 7-year-old, his family and friends.

The birthday boy made a great audience volunteer and it was clear he loved the attention. He had a great sense of humor and made an excellent assistant in the show. Naturally, I gave him a featured spot in the production!

The weather was beautiful that day, with lots of sun and temperatures in the high 60s. In fact, one of the adults said that they should perhaps have planned the party for outdoors! However, they had cleared out the living room of all furniture, making a great and large performing area for myself and all the kids.

The kids loved it when the face I drew on the board came alive and started talking! After the show, I did balloon animals for all the children. They really enjoyed the music that played during the show and some even started breaking out dancing! I wish I had some of that energy myself!

There were plenty of balloon swords being requested, but also some elephants and parakeets and I even had some unique requests I don’t normally receive, such as a hat, and a dog--with a leash! Fortunately, I was able to accommodate all the requests.

The kids had a great time on this beautiful day in Munster Indiana, and the adults afterwards told me that even the older children confessed today enjoyed it (even though they thought they wouldn’t)!

Looking forward to many more beautiful spring and summer birthday party days like this in the future!