Belated Halloween Birthday Show In Crown Point Indiana

I had a great show on November 3 for the birthday of a 10-year-old girl and her friends in Crown Point Indiana.

Even though it was after Halloween, the show had a great Halloween theme. The entire basement was draped with black crêpe paper and turned into a regular haunted house!

You heard a scream as he approached the steps leading to the basement. There were lighted signs advertising a “vacancy” at the "Bates Motel." Downstairs, there were cobwebs, creepy music, a dancing “life-size” (if that’s a word for it) ghost and other creepy goings-on!

It turns out that the parents use the same decoration for an adult party, decided that the children should be able to have a party of their own and share in the fun. I did my regular Halloween act followed up with balloon animals for all the children and everyone had a great time in Crown Point Indiana!