Great birthday party magic show in Hobart Indiana

I did a great birthday party magic show this Saturday here in Hobart Indiana. Since I live in Hobart, this was a short trip for me, but I am more than happy to travel all around the Northwest Indiana region to help make children's birthday parties special.

It was a hot day of 88°, but that did not dampen the festivities at this Hobart birthday party. It was a backyard trampoline and pool party with a small inflatable pool, and the children were making the best of the warm weather, as children will always do! The mother preferred an outdoor party, and although I usually recommend an indoor (air-conditioned) show on days this warm, I do always tried to be accommodating. Fortunately, there was a shady spot in the backyard that made a nice "theater."

The children of this Hobart Indiana show made a great audience and had a grand time during the show. The birthday boy was a great volunteer and had a lot of fun with my Magic Wands that keep multiplying! I finished with balloon animals and balloon swords. I say balloon swords because it was one of the most frequently requested items of the show. There were a lot of fun balloon swordfights, trampoline jumping and splashing around in the pool on this hot day in Hobart Indiana!