Birthday Party Kid's Show In Munster Indiana

I did a birthday parties entertainment in Munster Indiana today at 2:00 PM. The children were having a great time in the basement/rec room (some would say it was a madhouse) and there was plenty of pizza and soft drinks for all involved.

This was a great opportunity for children’s birthday party entertainment. The audience consisted of mostly girls, including the birthday girl herself. My comedy and magic show went over great, and the birthday girl made a great assistant.

She asked me if she could choose the helper for the final feature trick of my act, to which I happily agreed. She was the birthday girl after all!

But then I was able to use the birthday girl in the act as well, as well as a couple of other children! Biscay plenty of children opportunity to be my helpers, including the guest of honor. In all, there were four children helping me with my feature illusion! I encourage them all to take a bow to a loud round of applause!

This turned out to be a great children’s theme party in Munster Indiana!