Children's Party Entertainment in Highland Indiana

I did a great birthday party magic show for kids on Friday, November 16 at the Lincoln Center and Highland Indiana.

This was actually a great time for magic show for kids birthday, because it got away from the standard time of Saturday or Sunday, while still being officially on the weekend. This ensured that the family could book the kids birthday party entertainer that they truly wanted.

The show was at six o’clock in the evening, which is also a good time for a birthday party for kids, as it offers the ability to combine a meal with the birthday party and ensures that all attendees schedules are open.

I arrived a little early for the show in Highland, Indiana, so I started out by making balloon animals for the kids. This was a great way of keeping the kids occupied and warming them up for the magic show. Normally, I saved the balloon animals for after the show, but since the event was dragging, this was a great opportunity to liven things up.

After the show, I made more balloons for all the children, and everybody had a great time at the child party entertainment in Highland Indiana!