Children's Birthday Party In Olympia Fields, IL

I had a great opportunity to do an entertainment for children at a children's birthday party on March 24 in Olympia Fields, Illinois, just south of Homewood IL and west of Chicago Heights.

The weather was pleasant that early spring day in Olympia Fields - not too warm but not too cold, either.

The kids magic show was for a seven-year-old boy and his friends and family. The audience was not the largest I have performed for at a magic birthday party, but it was certainly one of the most enthusiastic.

I debuted a new one of my magician illusions in the show, which I had been practicing during the weeks before–one where a knot disappears from a silk scarf with the help of the birthday boy, and then where the scarf passes right through his arm! The birthday child enjoyed this and I think it will make a permanent addition to my children's magic show.

The family requested my super kids birthday party show package, so I put on my balloon entertainer hat and made balloon animals for all the children. I know this is a favorite feature of clowns for parties and it is for my own show as well.

As a kids magician, I make sure to stay around long enough so that all the children are happy and satisfied with their balloon creation.

In addition, every child got their own goody bag filled with fun items at this children's birthday party. Although I don't advertise this feature of my birthday parties for kids, I generally give a super big, deluxe goodie bag to the birthday child, which I also did at this kids party.

All in all, everyone had a great time at this childs birthday party in Olympia Fields IL.