Three great birthday party shows in Northwest Indiana

I did three great birthday party magic shows this weekend in Northwest Indiana.

On Saturday, I performed for a family in Chesterton, Indiana. It was cold and drizzly outside, but the mood indoors was fun and festive. I performed my magic show for the whole family in their spacious Chesterton living room and it was enjoyed by all. The birthday girl was seven years old and really enjoy the magic! The mom told me she was glad the birthday party could work out despite the cold and drizzly weather that day! I did magic and made balloon animals for all the children there in Chesterton, Indiana.

The next day, Saturday, I performed my birthday party magic show for a family in Merrillville Indiana. Of course, in all of my birthday party magic shows, I make the birthday child the star of the show! In the show, as I was performing one of my closing routines for the birthday girl, a very young toddler comes wandering up during the performance! Whenever a child comes wandering up during the show, I try never to shoo them away but to instead make them a part of the show and that’s exactly what I did this time!

The young toddler got to wave my magic wands while the birthday girl held my magic bag of Zanzibar. Well, it turned out that the toddler was a birthday girls younger brother, and it seemed apparent that even this young girl appreciated the fact that I was able to use her little brother in the show too! The parents at this Merrillville Indiana party were very appreciative for the show and insisted I stay for a salad and of course, some birthday cake!

After the show, I immediately headed out to my third show of the weekend, a show at Rogers Lakewood Park in Valparaiso, Indiana. Well, it turned out the weather was not any improved over the previous day, and in fact it was getting worse as it was becoming colder and rainier. Fortunately, the family in Valparaiso Indiana had rented the pavilion at Rogers Lakewood Park for shelter. There was even an outlet to plug in my amplifier!. Despite the rain and wind, the show went great! I was the only one not wearing a coat or jacket that day in Valparaiso Indiana, but it didn’t matter, because when I am performing, I am so focused on what I am doing but I do not feel the cold! The show was a great success and a good time was had by all in Valparaiso, Indiana