Questions and answers about the "Arends the Amazing" Magic Show

About the Show

Will my child be in the show?

Absolutely! Your child will be made the star of the show! See the main page for a description of how your child helps the magician!

My child is shy! Can she still help?

Yes. I will take plenty of time to warm up the kids in the show before the big featured trick where your child helps out. I will not use as a helper anyone who does not want to participate. There is no pressure for any child to be involved if he or she doesn’t want to. Your child will have plenty of other ways to help in the show, such is calling out the magic words and so on. At the end of the show your birthday child will get an extra special gift!

Does your magic really fool people?

Yes! My magic is VERY magical! Of course, anyone of reasonable intelligence can make pretty good guesses as to how tricks are done, but that would be missing the point of the magic, wouldn’t it?

If you choose to enjoy the magic, you’ll be enchanted by the stories, charmed by the children, and maybe even fooled! If you decide to play "catch the magician,” you'll "win"…but you'll miss the real fun.

How long is your show?

My basic package runs about half an hour, which I find is the ideal length of time for the audiences’ attention span (notice how all children's TV shows are a half hour in length)

Each performance is a live, one-of-a-kind event. The time listed is the average time to complete the set of features. You will get every feature promised!. Sometimes it takes longer, and sometimes when there’s "good energy" all around, it goes more quickly.

Do you need time to set up?

I only need a few minutes to set up. I know when I arrive your kids will be eager to see the show, and when my show is over they will be eager to get on with the cake and ice cream and other activities. I need only about two trips to the car and I’m ready to go!

What do you need from me to set up the show?

If someone can hold the door open for me as I bring in my equipment, then I’m ready to go right away! To help me and others find your home, please tie some balloons to your mailbox or porch.

How much room do you need for your show?

Not a whole lot. Just room for me, my table and the audience. Any room of the house will do; family room, rec room, living room, den, basement, even a garage, provided the temperature and ventilation are adequate for everyone.

Can you work outdoors?

Gladly (weather permitting)! All I need is enough shade for both me and the children watching the show (under nice shade tree in the backyard is good). However, if it’s 90 degrees out, I can't keep up my energy level and the kids get fussy and tired. We'd probably be better off indoors.

How should I arrange the party room?

Remove all breakables to another room and arrange any furniture to the side to give plenty of room for the magic show. Remember that the children will be hopping around the room as well as the performer. Pets should be locked in another room of the house or kept with a relative or neighbor (for the good of the children as well as the pets)! Just before the show, have the children help out by picking up any blocks or other toys from the floor and placing them in the toy chest. This is a good thing for the children to do while the performer is setting up. For indoor shows I avoid tricks that use water, confetti, or other things that can make a mess.

May I video record your show?

Yes! Usually however, I recommend that you save the video for the very special routine that involves your child in the show! A video usually ends up shaky and noisy and fails to capture the true spirit of the show, and the videographer can get in the way of those trying to watch. I guarantee that I will have a good sequence of magic involving your birthday child for including in your video scrapbook ! You may also take still photos, of course, and after the show I will pose with the kids for extra pictures if desired.

What do you charge?

I offer something wonderful for every budget.

I offer several different party packages, ranging, depending on distance and package desired, from $75 to $195 — making sure there's an option friendly to every family's needs and budget.

All my shows are complete party entertainment. In fact, my show probably costs less than entertaining the kids yourself! Do the math. I work hard to make your day easy.

You save the money you would have spent on:

Goodie bags ($1-$3 each X 20 kids = $20-$60),
A piñata with several bags of candy ($20-$30),
A moon bounce ($125+),
Four or five pizzas ($30-$60)

… add it up and see for yourself!

Do you require a deposit? How do I pay?

Payment may be made by cash or check made out to Timothy Arends on the day of the show unless (as I may in certain periods of high demand) I ask for a deposit and/or cash payment.

How do you know people really enjoy your show?

Because I hear their children telling them so, because families and schools often have me back again, and because some of them even say a special "thank you" with a tip after the show.

I called a performer who charges a little less. Why do you charge more?

They charge what they're worth, I charge what I'm worth. I give you much more.

I also talked to a performer who charges twice what you do.

I said I charge what I'm worth, but I'm not going to get ridiculous.

What areas do you serve?

I serve
Hobart, Lake Station, Glen Park, Merrillville, Miller, Portage, Gary, Ogden Dunes, Black Oak, Lakes of the Four Seasons, Griffith, Crown Point, Chesterton, Highland, St. John, Dune Acres, Munster, East Chicago, Burns Harbor, Cedar Lake, Porter, Valparaiso, Hammond, Hebron, Chesterton, Schererville, Whiting, Lowell, Beverly Shores, Kouts, Chicago and environs. Fees may be determined by distance.

My background

Timothy Arends has amassed considerable reputation and experience throughout the Northwest Indiana and Chicago area over the past several years, performing for such clients as the City of Highland, Hebron Summerfest, and Hammond's Augustfest (seven years), to name a few.

Mr. Arends is a long-time member of the prestigious Society of American Magicians. His polished professionalism is the result of over twenty years of study and dedication to the Art of Magic.

Timothy Arends is also a member of the North American Association of Ventriloquists, and is one of the few performers to have mastered the Arts of both Magic and Ventriloquism. He has also been “throwing his voice” for over twenty years.


“It was great! Your show appeals equally to all age groups.” — Shirley Christy, American Diabetic Association

“Your performance at Holy Name School was truly the highlight of the year.” — Tamra Bottomlee, Head Start Director

“Everyone was excited about your show and especially the way in which you involved them.” — Faye N. Urello, Methodist Hospitals Educational

“You have a wonderful rapport with your audience...we enjoyed ourselves immensely.” — Laurie Custer, Respite Care of Porter County

Mr. Tim Arends...AMAZING!!! — Carol Shaver, Director,
Little Saints Preschool